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Our Commitment to Nutrition & Quality

Welcome to the Wawa Nutrition Center! Find information and resources about the fulfilling food we serve, the fresh ingredients we use, and our commitment to food safety and quality. Plus, get the latest nutrition news, tips, and inspiration from our very own experts.

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Quality Food Commitment

From the suppliers we partner with, to product specifications, see how we’re continually improving the safety and quality of our food.

Nutrition News

Our nutrition experts are delighted to keep you informed about new menu items, news and trends in the food industry, and fun, healthier ways to enjoy your Wawa favorites.


Welcome to the Wawa Nutrition Center!

Counting calories? Watching your carbs, sugar, or salt intake? Simply curious about the contents of the food you're eating? Our new and improved Nutrition Center can help you explore, build, and customize your perfect Wawa meal. Get started below!


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Our Commitment to Food Safety & Quality

Wawa has a long history as a leader in the food industry. Since the first Wawa opened on April 16, 1964, we’ve been committed to offering safe, quality, fresh food. Today, our business has grown to more than 750 stores serving communities in six states with a wide variety of fresh food and beverages.

Rooted in Our Values

Rooted in our core values and delivered through thousands of our wonderful Wawa Associates, we are on a journey of continuous improvement in partnership with our suppliers to "do things right" and to "do the right thing" for our customers, our communities and our planet. We've established an independent Advisory Council that includes national experts and thought leaders in food safety, animal welfare, food technology and health and wellness.

Our goal is to improve and formalize the principles, decision making, policy, programs, standards and audit criteria for the thousands of food products we serve. The Council provides analysis of academic studies, interest and advocacy group research, key government policy papers, regulations and regional and global food industry trends that will impact our company and food policies over the next generations. We are already using this information to inform and enhance our everyday food practices in every store, and with every customer.

We are on a journey of continuous improvement with our suppliers to achieve these objectives for our Wawa branded products. Making changes to ingredients and practices will take time. We are committed to working with suppliers who continue to demonstrate progress in meeting our objectives.

Our Focus and Objectives


In 2017, we began selling cage free carton eggs. Our intent is to use cage free eggs in all breakfast sandwiches by 2022.


We are committed by 2022 to working with suppliers who are not using gestational crates.


We have transitioned nearly all poultry products to Raised Without Antibiotics, one year earlier than our original commitment. We plan to have soups completed by the end of 2018.


We are committed today to only partnering with farms who do not treat cows with rBGH or rBST growth hormones for the supply of milk used in Wawa branded fluid dairy products.

Palm Oil

We purchase Palm Oil from suppliers who are certified in sustainable practices and do not practice deforestation.

Clean Ingredients

Wawa has always been committed to providing the highest quality product at the best value. As part of this commitment, we are committed to removing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives where possible that meets our customers’ changing needs. We will highlight the changes as we continue on this journey.


Our commitment is to partner only with roasters that source quality coffee and participate in sustainably sourced practices supporting responsible environmental and social standards in the coffee growing regions. In 2018, all of Wawa’s handcrafted espresso based beverages as well as Cold Brew coffee will be 100% certified Rain Forest Alliance (RFA). We will strive to have all of our coffee varieties sustainably sourced by the end of 2020.

Animal Welfare

We are continuously working to address important issues in the area of animal welfare including a commitment to work with our suppliers to improve their practices of raising animals responsibly and treating them humanely. For more details, please see Wawa’s position on animal welfare.


Supplier Expectations

To ensure our suppliers demonstrate progress and adherence to our objectives, Wawa will enhance our Supplier Risk Program to include additional monitoring and accountability measures. We will work to include our objectives in our procurement and supplier management programs. We will expect suppliers to adhere to our objectives and address any non-conformance.

Our Journey Continues

We have always considered our business as “friends and neighbors serving friends and neighbors.” So we see our commitment to safe and sustainable products as the evolution of our founding promise. This is a journey for all of us. We will regularly measure progress and compliance to our objectives to ensure that we are providing food products that are fresh tasting, safe to eat and sustainably produced. We see this as not the new way, but the Wawa Way.


Nutrition News

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