Soaring on the "Wings of Excellence"

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Soaring on the "Wings of Excellence"

February 1, 2018

Recognizing members of the Wawa family for milestone achievements and innovation—both at the store and corporate level—is just one way we show how much we value people and their role in our success. Wawa would not be what it is today without our associates. That’s why every January, we recognize members of our Corporate support teams for some amazing achievements during the previous year that fueled our growth and supported our stores with new programs. Nominated and voted on by their peers for improving a process, developing innovative programs and achieving excellence in their respective areas, the 25 award recipients represent most Corporate support departments including Real Estate, Facilities, Information Technology, Marketing, Supply Chain and Corporate Services.

On a Friday in January, we recognized these innovators and high-achievers with a formal award ceremony and presented them with their “Wings of Excellence” crystal awards. From a small idea that improves a working process, to a major project to remodel our stores, every idea and program furthers our ability to fulfill more lives and create even more meaningful connections with our customers, associates and communities. Thank you to our associates for creating the uplift that permits us to fly farther and higher at Wawa!

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