Poultry Raised Without Antibiotics: Frequently Asked Questions

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Poultry Raised Without Antibiotics: Frequently Asked Questions

December 7, 2017

Since May 2017, we’ve been sourcing only poultry that has been raised without antibiotics for use in our sandwiches and salads. This was a milestone achievement in our ongoing commitment to ensure we’re providing the best quality food at the best value to our customers (read more about this commitment here).

Why did we take this step?

  • We are committed to the wellbeing of our customers and our communities and believe quality food comes from animals that are healthy and treated with care.
What do we mean by Raised Without Antibiotics?
  • No antibiotics are used at the hatchery
  • No antibiotics are used on a continuous basis to prevent illness
  • No poultry coming to Wawa has ever received antibiotics for the treatment of disease
What happens if an animal gets sick?
  • We fully support our suppliers’ animal welfare practices to provide treatment to an animal in need. A treated bird would simply not be included in the products provided to Wawa.
What’s next?
  • We are continuing to work with our suppliers to evaluate future product transitions and look forward to sharing our progress with you!


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