Wawa Coffee
Wawa Coffee

Wawa Coffee now featuring the new 100% Kenya AA blend!

Freshly brewed in delicious varieties all day, every day

Mild or medium, rich or bold, there’s a flavor for every taste. Explore all the varieties below.


  • Regular
    Smooth & mellow

    Our classic blend is mild and mellow with a touch of sweetness.

  • Decaf
    Lightly roasted

    A classic blend that’s light and mild with a sweet, clean flavor.

  • French Vanilla
    Sweet & aromatic

    Warm vanilla and the comforting aroma of sweet caramelized sugar.

  • Hazelnut
    Nutty & aromatic

    A nutty and aromatic blend flavored to perfection.


  • 100% Colombian
    Sweet, smooth & flavorful

    A classic cup of coffee, our 100% Colombian is medium bodied with hints of chocolate.


  • Cuban Roast
    Smooth & savory

    A bold blend of smooth and smoky flavors with a velvety finish.

  • Dark Roast
    Full bodied, smoky flavor

    A complex blend of deep, rich, smoky flavor with hints of spices.


Discover the story behind Wawa Reserve, our exclusive new offering of sophisticated small-batch coffees from near and far.

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Wawa Reserve

Wawa ReserveExplore a World of Coffee

About Wawa Reserve: A sophisticated coffee experience

Wawa Reserve is a limited time selection of small-batch, specialty grade coffees. The beans used to make these special varieties follow a strict industry classification and are chosen according to overall cup quality, consistency, and the unique characteristics of their country of origin. Wawa Reserve will always meet the specialty grade coffee bean standards as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association of their growing region.

Choosing the roast

Specialty coffee represents the very best of the world’s coffee yield, comprising only 3% of global production. These regional coffees are grown in special and ideal climates, and are distinctive because of their full cup taste, with little to no bean defects. The unique flavors are a result of the special characteristics and composition of the soils in which they are produced.

The roasting process

Each Wawa Reserve bean is meticulously roasted in a small-batch drum roaster. This carefully guides each green bean to its best roast, accentuating the inherent qualities from its region of origin. It’s this attention to detail that creates a fresh and perfect cup of coffee every time.

Tips on tasting

To best appreciate the specific nuance and character of each Wawa Reserve variety, we recommend enjoying the coffee black.