Consumer Alert

Wawa Store

September 26, 2017

Wawa’s Statement on Unverified Video

We want to clear up any confusion surrounding the unverified video. Outside of this single, unauthenticated video, our robust internal investigation shows there is no evidence that substantiates the claims made in the video. In fact, we believe the circumstances described in the video are highly unlikely, if not impossible to occur in our store environment.  However, because we take each and every complaint seriously, we are putting this allegation through our detailed authentication and assessment process.

As everyone who really knows Wawa understands, including those outraged by the publishing of this unverified video, we do everything we can to make sure that our customer experience is nothing but positive, healthy and fresh, every day.

Below are some facts about Wawa’s safety promise and quality assurance practices. 

  • We inspect our stores on a daily basis and have stringent processes in place to prevent incidents of this nature from occurring.
  • We have rigorous internal and external inspection processes at every step of our supply chain.
  • All of our associates go through comprehensive quality food service training and our managers complete nationally recognized food safety certification programs.

 We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality in the food that we serve and the conditions in which we serve it.