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    Teas & Fruit Drinks

    Teas & Fruit Drinks

    From Lemonade Tea to Tropical Fruit Punch, Wawa has more than 20 varieties of bottled teas and fruit drinks to satisfy your thirst.

    Other varieties include:

    • Peach Iced Tea
    • Green Tea
    • Diet Lemonade
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    Iced Tea
    Diet Iced Tea
    Raspberry Iced Tea
    Diet Raspberry Iced Tea
    Peach Iced Tea
    Diet Peach Iced Tea
    Green Tea
    Diet Green Tea
    Half & Half
    Diet Half & Half
    Sweet Tea
    Mango Green Tea
    Blackberry Iced Tea
    Orange Drink
    Fruit Punch
    Tropical Punch
    Strawberry Lemonade
    Raspberry Lemonade
    Diet Lemonade

    Select varieties may not be available in half gallons



    Wawa Juices are available in a variety of delicious flavors to complement your meal any time of day.

    Enjoy varieties like:

    • Orange
    • Apple
    • Cranberry
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    Valencia Orange Juice

    Wawaccinos & Chilled Cappuccinos

    Chilled Cappuccinos

    Looking for a cool way to perk up? Try a Chilled Cappuccino in bold, delicious varieties.

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    French Vanilla Chilled Cappuccino
    Double Mocha Chilled Cappuccino
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