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College Graduate Leadership Program
  • College Graduate Leadership Program

    College Graduate Leadership

    Take Charge of Your Future and Become a Leader
    Wawa’s College Graduate Leadership Program provides the foundation of skills you need to excel in the Store environment over a period of time.

    Groundwork for a Successful Career

    About the Program

    The College Graduate Leadership Program will give you what you need to launch a leadership career while learning real-life skills that can help you excel personally and professionally.

    For recent graduates (within 1 year) from an accredited college or university, the program offers leadership development, essential management skills/training and the experience to build a solid foundation of store management. At the end of a successful 18 months, you will have the tools to build your own successful leadership career.

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    Loan Forgiveness - CGL Program Benefit

    Our commitment to you is second to none. Wawa understands the financial sacrifices involved with the pursuit of a college education. The Loan Forgiveness initiative was specifically designed to help students reduce education costs while enhancing their leadership/training skills to become a Wawa General Manager. This initiative is a Program benefit eligible to all those associates hired into College Graduate Leadership Program.

    College Graduate Leadership Program participants are eligible for a maximum of $21,000 to assist with outstanding college loan balances from an accredited educational college or university. Payments are provided over a maximum of a four-year period after your 1st anniversary while:

    • actively employed in our CGL Program
    • receiving a "meets expectations" rating during the annual performance review process;
    • providing current loan statements showing loans are in good standing and are not in default prior to each annual payment.